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How to change your Euro 2024 Fantasy captain + make subs

Two key differences between Euro 2024 Fantasy and Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is that managers can repeatedly change their captain during a Matchday and make substitutions.

In this article, we try to explain how to do both.


As players with the armband score double points, mastering this could have a huge say on how well the team does.

For example, say you captain a Germany player on Friday night and he doesn’t do much.

Now, you have the option of switching to another player who hasn’t yet played within that Matchday. For the uninitiated, a Matchday is the equivalent of a Gameweek.

This new captain has to be in action on a different calendar day, however. For instance, if Romelu Lukaku blanks on Monday, you won’t be able to switch it to Kylian Mbappe later that day.

In a nutshell, a maximum of one captain per calendar day. You can also only keep captaincy points from one player per Matchday, so there’s a definite ‘stick or twist’ element to it.

Managers won’t be able to use hindsight – it cannot be moved to someone who has already played and succeeded.


Click the ‘My Team’ tab and click on the desired player (the below example uses Mbappe).

It opens up a window, where selecting the left of three circles makes him the new captain.


As for making mid-Gameweek substitutions, stay on ‘My Team’ and proceed via the ‘Make Subs’ button at the bottom.

With red arrows by each starting player, select the one you’d like to remove (such as Rodri), then the incoming name from the sidelines (Jorginho). Again, a window opens up, so click the ‘sub in’ circle, then confirm everything.

The aim is to accumulate the highest-scoring 11 from your 15-man quad but, like with captaincy, you can only bring in substitutes who haven’t yet featured in the Matchday.

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